Transient Storm of Stars


Hello! I'm Stella! 「She/Her」 I'm a writer and an artist!

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I love making new friends, so please never hesitate to talk to me!

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I currently have two main projects that I am working on. I'll appreciate it if you can take some time to check them out. If you like them, please let me know your thoughts! Any kind of feedback is always appreciated!


This is a Love Live! Sunshine!! story taking place in a Fantasy AU. It is plot heavy with a big focus on character development and most of the Love Live cast is present. I upload this story to AO3 with weekly updates.


This is my original story with my original characters.
Scarlet Finale is a story focused on two different main protagonists: Faith and Wish.

This is a story that starts to unfold after they reach a mysterious city known as Glint City: The City of Light. It is a city shrouded in mystery where strange occurrences had started to take place.

As they step into the main stage, an unstoppable series of events begins to unfold before their eyes. Now, they will come face to face with the secrets of the city that stands at the edge of the world.